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  • 3 exercises on serialization in Java
  • 5 exercises to learn how to attack thick clients and mobile applications
  • Exercises on recent vulnerabilities
  • ...

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11 different certificates are already available, including the Unix Badge (35 exercises), the Essential Badge (60 exercises), the Intercept Badge (5 exercises) and the Serialize Badge (5 exercises) .

And we are currently rolling out the Orange Badge, the Android Badge and the PCAP badge!

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"I just finished the Intercept (MiTM) Badge. I think it’s one of the best on offer, not least because it forces students to figure out how to setup an internet-facing DNS server. DNS and TLS man-in-the-middle attacks I think are some of the most fundamental in web security. I’m really glad to now have some hands-on experience with a few basic examples. The course material and videos are exactly what I needed to quickly learn and execute on the subject matter."

Andy Acer Web / Mobile Pen Tester

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We are also adding videos on an on-going basis!

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"After completing my fourth badge on PentesterLab, I have enjoyed it so much that I thought I would pass on the word on what a great learning resource it is. If I had to summarise it in one sentence, I would say an extremely well written educational site about web application pentesting that caters to all skill levels and makes it easy to learn at an incredibly affordable price"


The exercises and course content provided by PentesterLab has allowed for me to continually excel in bug bounties and penetration testing in my career by ensuring that I am well aware of the techniques, methods and attack vectors that any good pentester should know. As PentesterLab Pro does not require you to set up VMs, more time has been spent on learning and applying rather than simply setting up labs or vulnerable VMs. The return received from subscribing to PentesterLab has been far greater than the little investment that I have put in.

Shubham Shah (@infosec_au) Senior Security Analyst

... I just completed the JSON Web Token exercise and learned so much! As matter of fact, I've learned tons already from just doing the first few exercises. I wish I would have found your site sooner. It's by far the best way to learn web app security!

Chris Green Security Analyst

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"PentesterLab is an awesome resource to get hands-on, especially for newbies in web penetration testing or pentesting in general. It gives insights to possible web security flaws, their behavior and approaches that can be taken to exploit them. More of, it does help in developing a hacker-like mindset. Kudos & Thanks to PentesterLab!!"

Saurabh Nigam (@saurabhcnigam) Security Engineer

I consider PentesterLab to be a great resource for learning about web application security and ways how it can be subverted. Even though the exercises usually don’t take much time to complete they can teach a lot. I can’t but recommend it, especially to any aspiring junior penetration testers out there.

Jan Kopriva Jan Kopriva CSIRT Team Leader

Pentesterlab is a great way to practice testing skills and learn new attacks. For the time poor, the new online exercises allow you to have an exercise ready at a moment's notice. Many of the more difficult exercises really make you stop and think deeply about the vulnerability and how to approach exploiting it. I've especially been enjoying the new Serialization exercises.

. Senior Security Consultant and Ethical Hacker.

"... it's a fantastic way of learning. I have been a web application security guy but i feel your courses has something more..."


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